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Home Elevators and LULA Elevators for the Atlanta to Chattanooga areas

A residential elevator may be a hydraulic drive elevator, winding drum elevator, traction, counter-weighted cable drive, or a counter-weighted chain drive elevator. The type of drive you choose depends on your desires and the limitations of your home. All of the different drive systems need to be maintained and have equal safety devices as required by code. If you have an existing home in Atlanta or Chattanooga or anywhere in between where you want to install a home elevator, you may choose to install the shaftway on the outside of your home so that your options are not limited by the layout of your home. We are experts at finding a good spot for your elevator. We will set up a free consultation to review your home with you.

When choosing the elevator that is best for you, think of the purchase as being similar to buying a vehicle (but without the pushy salesperson). All of the cars will get you from Point A to Point B, but some have a luxurious, smooth, quiet ride while others allow you to hear more road noise and feel the bumps in road. Home elevators are the same way. While riding in some elevators, you hear all kinds of noises and feel the bumps, yet while riding in other elevators, you wonder if you are even moving until suddenly you have arrived at your destination. Just let us know what you are looking for. As with a vehicle purchase, you will pay more for the smoother, quieter ride and the prettier cab. The materials in some elevators have been chosen for their low price point while other elevatorsí parts are chosen for their performance.

Whether you choose the low-cost functional lift or the high performance machine, we take the same amount of pride and dedication to making sure we have done our best installation for you and your elevator. We have had to service elevators where the original installing company took every shortcut they could to speed up the installation and save themselves money. We do not believe in shoddy workmanship or cutting corners. It's not good for you or for us, because we want your referral business. If you go test ride an elevator, ask to see inside the hoistway. Look at the wiring and the care with which all the pieces were installed. Ask what all the pieces are and how they work.

Another interesting piece of the selection process is your choice of brands. Again, this is similar to a vehicle purchase. If you buy a brand of elevator or lift that only one company in the area can sell, then you are committed to buying parts and the services only from the installing company. (How many dealerships do you know of that service a Bugatti? ) And we all know what a lack of competition does - it drives up the price - perhaps not on the original installation price, but on the after sale service and maintenance. At that point you are stuck. You can't just sell your elevator and buy a new one like you could if you were unhappy with the service available for your car.

Another strategy some elevator dealers use to keep their costs down is to buy pieces of different elevator systems from different vendors. This is similar to buying a kit car. There is no manufacturer's warranty because it is not the engineered product of a single company. With elevator systems that are engineered and shipped from a single manufacturer, any dealer who is a representative of that manufacturer can get replacement parts under warranty for you. All elevators and lifts sold by Blue Moose are a system engineered and warranteed by a manufacturer and are products that at least one other company in the area can purchase.

The installation of an elevator is a long process that requires a lot of coordination between the contractors. You have to be confident that your elevator company will always be ready and available to answer questions to help you and the contractor who is building your hoistway or house. We only do business within 100 miles of our homebase in Ellijay because its the only way we can help you properly. If you are farther away, we will not be able to perform the site visits that will make your installation go smoothly. That would be a disservice to you. If you are not getting a good, quick response from a company now while you are in the buying stage, itís not likely that you will get a lot of help after you have signed a contract. Most of the people you deal with on the front end are just elevator salespeople who are just trying to get you to sign a contract so they can log their commission and move on to the next potential client. They will tell you whatever they think you want to hear to get you to sign on the dotted line. If a product is not quite right for you, they donít care as long as you sign their contract. Somebody else in the company will have to deal with the installation and any problems that come with it. Thatís not the case at Blue Moose Elevators. We would rather lose your business than do a bad job. We do not subcontract out any of our installations because we would be unable to ensure our very stringent quality standards are met. We will only install your elevator as if we were installing it in our own homes. At Blue Moose Elevators, we have a lot of referral business, and we intend to keep it that way. This is a long term relationship, not just another job for us.

If you have a commercial building with no more than 25 feet of travel and three floors or less, a LULA elevator may be a good choice for you, depending on the size of your building. LULA elevators are good for small commercial buildings such as small offices, libraries, schools, historic buildings and lodges.

Before signing a contract with an elevator company, call the Georgia State Elevator Department to make sure they are certified to install elevators: 1-404-679-0687. State certification, permits and inspections are a requirement for all home elevators, dumbwaiters and stair lifts.

For more information on planning for a future elevator, specifics on elevator doors, or ideas on how to choose an elevator and an elevator dealer, look at

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