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LULA Elevators from $ 36K - $ 50K

LULA ( Limited Use Limited Application ) Elevators are small commercial elevators meant to be used in small buildings where a full-size commercial will not fit or would be a hardship to install. LULA Elevators can also be used in a home to obtain the look of a regular commercial elevator without spending as much.

Swing doors can be used to keep costs down, while stainless steel upgrade packages give the LULA the look of more expensive commercial elevator.

LULA Elevators are slower, accommodate less weight and have smaller cabs than a regular commercial elevator. They require a very shallow pit depth of only 18 " on average instead of the typical 4, for a commercial elevator. They require less overhead and less overall floor space. They are limited to 25 , of travel by code.

LULA Elevators includes all the required safeties such as: Slack Rope Safeties that instantly lock the elevator onto the rails the moment any lifting cable loses tension. A Negative Pressure Module valve prevents car movement if hydraulic pressure is lost. Backup Lighting is powered by emergency battery. A Flow Control Valve prevents over-speed in the down direction. Interlocks are Provided, which maintain the door in the closed and locked position before elevator can move. A Light Curtain is typically used when 2 speed doors ordered to ensure passenger safety.

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