Cargo lifts, attic lifts and dumbwaiters help you move materials

cargo lift home dumbwaiter attic lift
There are all types of lifts that can help you move materials around your home. There are cargo lifts, dumbwaiters and attic lifts.
A cargo lift travels along your stairs much like a stair lift. The track is attached to the stair treads. Your cargo is placed on a flat rack which you send up or call down to you by way of call send controls.
Dumbwaiters are very much like a small elevator. They travel vertically within a sheetrock shaft built to blend into your home or business. A dumwbaiter typically requires a shaft of 24" x 28".
The attic lift is built to travel up your into your attic in the same location where you curretnly have pull-down stairs. You set your materials on the platform which you send up and when arriving in your attic, it slides to the side to allow you to follow it up the stairs and then safely off load your boxes.

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